Solar Panels


Solar World panels are manufactured in Germany and will give 80% of its output after 25 years. Systems can range from a full solar array with battery bank and inverter to a system that supplements your mains power during the day.

Grid-Tie Inverters


We supply inverters from highly reputible grid-tie inverters from European manufacturers including SMA, ABB, Ingeteam, and Sunplug.

Solar Batteries


We stock a wide range of batteries. We have a fully equipped workshop and all cells can be built into packs of your configuration at no extra cost.

Solar Charge Controllers


In any photovoltaic system the current from the solar panels must be regulated, else your battery bank can be over-charged and damaged. The linear controller will limit the voltage, while the MPPT controllers uses switch mode power supply technology to convert the excess volts into charging current, thereby making the solar panels more efficient. We stock a wide range of Victron, and Steca PWM and MPPT charge controllers.

Victron Inverter/Chargers


Inverter/chargers are units that invert DC power from a battery bank to AC power which is consumed by the load. Additionally, the units contain a charger circuit that can charge the battery bank either with PV power or grid power. The Victron Multiplus and Quattro, as well as the SMA Sunny Island range of Inverter/chargers are the recommended products to integrate into your solar system.

System Management


Victron Energy supplies the perfect complement to any solar system. The entire system can be monitored locally or remotely through the Colour Control GX where all system parameters can be viewed at a glance. Detailed analysis of the solar system can be done through the VRM portal free of charge.

Battery Chargers


The different types of rechargeable batteries require different chargers. We stock a wide range, from LEAD ACID to NICAD charges.

Power Supplies


We stock a wide range of power supplies, ranging from 5V to 48V. These include switch mode, desk top adapters, laptop PSU, and variable voltage for high site applications. Please contact us for the various options.



The Victron range of high quality battery charges incorporate adaptive 4-stage charging algorithms. The products come in IP20, IP65, and IP67 variants and incorporate Bluetooth for configuration and monitoring on some devices.

Consumer Batteries


We stock a wide range of batteries including Nicad, Nimh, sealed lead acid, sealed deep cycle, non rechargeable 3V Lithium, and rechargeable Lithium. We have a fully equipped workshop and all cells can be built into packs of your configuration at no extra cost.



UPS will ensure that your application will keep running if Escom fails. The UPS has a built-in transfer switch that switches to battery power in 0,03 seconds, when the mains power fails.